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About us

For the science enthusiast in everyone, Live Science dissects the backstories of the most intriguing news stories and images on the web while also uncovering fascinating discoveries that touch on a wide range of topics, from Animals, dinosaurs and archaeology to wacky physics and astronomy to health animal behavior and human behavior. The place to go if you want to learn something new and intriguing every day is Live Science.



to provide our readers with the knowledge and inspiration they need in order to comprehend the world and enjoy its enduring majesty.

With only three team members when it first debuted in 2015, has now grown into a sizable organization. The website has won several accolades in the past for its work with animals and life science.

Our crew searches through large and small science publications to uncover the most intriguing news, keeps up with what the leading universities are working on, and considers how discoveries and accomplishments may influence our readers. We also make sure to address your burning inquiries regarding the science underlying the news, whether they relate to exaggerated health claims, bizarre animal images, or the most popular Reddit postings or other hot topics on social media.