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Privacy Policy


Our journalists and writers work hard to provide editorials that are always objective. We must also generate income to cover the expenditures of running our teams and website. On store websites, we occasionally utilize affiliate links to the items and services for which we may get paid if we click on the links or buy something from them. On occasion, we also post sponsored material and advertorials (paid-for editorial content) on the website. You can always tell which information is editorial and which is not since sponsored or promoted content is clearly identified as such. Our parent business, Future PLC, has a thorough terms and conditions website with a lot more details, which you may read right here.


Privacy Policies and Credibility

A component of Future PLC is Animalyst. Your privacy is a top priority for the website and the whole business.

Animalyst has received a GREEN rating from NewsGuard, a global organisation that evaluates news sources based on their journalistic criteria, for its dependability and reliability.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you wish to file a complaint because you believe we have not upheld those standards.